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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mid-week is hard if you don't calculate correctly how much produce you will need for the week. If we buy too much, we will waste food (and we sometimes do) because produce is perishable. Lately, we have been trying harder to get less so as to avoid waste. However, when we don't buy enough, then we run out of choices for dinner in the middle of the week unless we are willing to run to the store to get more food, which we are trying to avoid. Yesterday, I had a chicken that I could roast for dinner but not much else to go with it since we had run out of vegetables (except for a few carrots and some celery). I needed to make the dinner substantial since my kids had soccer practice and would be very hungry when they got home. After ransacking the pantry and with the help of some dry staples, we ended up having a delicious healthy dinner and had to share the menu (All Cooking Light recipes - follow the links for the recipes):

Lemon-Rosemary Chicken (We made it without the potatoes as we did not have any)
Drop Biscuits (Very, very easy recipe; biscuits are made in a muffin pan)

The Chicken was from the Cedar Park farmer's market and the rosemary from my garden; the milk was from Whole Foods but was from Texas cows :-). I saved a couple of cups of shredded chicken from the roast so that I could make something for dinner tonight. I made Chicken Noodle Soup with the help of the few carrots and celery I had and some stock that I had made with the bones from a couple of chickens we had eaten a few weeks ago. Of course, I froze the bones from this week's chicken so that I can make stock this weekend when I have more time.

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