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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where is the corn?

Every year the company I work for selects several families on the Christmas Bureau list. The employees and the company pitch in to provide holiday food and gifts to the families we've selected. Today, the kids and I, along with a co-worker went to deliver Christmas gifts to one of those families. We gathered the gifts that had been purchased first and then we marched on to the refrigerator with a list of the foods that had been purchased for this particular family on hand. As we put things in bags or the cooler, we would check them off the list. Corn happened to be on the list for this particular family and as my kids busily went through the bags to make sure we had corn, they both said we were missing the corn. My co-worker took one look in a bag and said it was there as she lifted a can of corn. "Oh" both kids said with a puzzled look on their faces. At that point my daughter looked at me and said that she had never seen corn in a can before and had been looking for ears of corn. There are so many kids in this country that rarely see fresh food and think chicken grows in the shape of nuggets (Did you see the show Food Revolution?) that for me, this was a proud moment :-).

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